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Hologram Stickers, Security Tape & Security Seals

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A. Security Holograms – Labels & Stickers

  • Anti-counterfeit protection for your products, documents, ID badges, etc
  • Anti-tampering protection and tamper evidence
  • Stock and Custom Products
Security Holograms

B. Promotional Holographic Products

  • Eye-popping appeal for your packaging and advertising
  • Enhance your product image
Promotional Holographic Products

C. Security Tapes

  • Protect your shipping cartons, pallets, and other containers
  • Indicates tampering and pilferage
  • Stock and Custom Products
  • TSA-CCSP compliant
Security Tape

D. Security Labels & Stickers

  • Protect your files, containers, equipment, doors, etc
  • Indicates tampering, removal, pilferage, or water
  • Stock and Custom Products
Security Labels & Stickers

E. Mechanical Security Seals

  • Protect your trucks, trailers, railcars, shipping containers, totes, etc
  • Indicates tampering or entry
  • Stock and Custom Products
  • CT-PAT and ISO 17712 compliant
Mechanical Security Seals

F. ID Credentials, ID Cards, Printers & Ribbons

  • Secure access to your building and property
  • Combat counterfeiting and fake IDs
  • Create your own custom ID badge
ID Cards, ID Holograms, Printers, and Ribbons

G. Parking Permits - Stickers & Hang Tags

  • Secure access to your property
  • Combats counterfeiting and unauthorized transfers
  • We make stock & custom permits, or create your own custom parking permit
Parking Permits, Parking Stickers, and Mirror Hang Tags

H. Security Bags

  • Secure pharmaceutical drugs and supplies
  • Protect your documents, cash, and other valuables.
Thermal Printers, Ribbons, & Labels

I. Thermal Printers, Ribbons & Labels

  • Discounted pricing on ribbons and labels
  • Custom labels at affordable prices and fast service
  • Create your own custom barcodes and labels
Thermal Printers, Ribbons, and thermal printer Labels

J. Laminated Labels & Specialty Products

  • Custom laminated bar code labels and Asset Tags
  • Promotional Labels and Stickers, Custom Bumper Stickers
  • Adhesive Cleaning Kits
Laminated Labels & Specialty Products

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  • quote start
    I have received the Security seals today and they are great! Thank you very Much. We are very pleased with the product and your service. Thank you Eric and Kathy that you have made this happened. Y...
    quote end
    Tom P.
  • quote start
    Hi Bill, Thanks for being in touch. We love your hologram labels! We use them for products we send to overseas clients. You can be assured we will order more
    quote end
    Robin R.
  • quote start
    I ordered 5 rolls of tamper evident tape and it shipped in less than 1 day!! Awesome, you guys rock. Thank you for all of your help. Have a Wonderful day
    quote end
    Ann Marie J.
  • quote start
    Good Morning Dean.....We received the security stickers yesterday and they look fantastic! The white custom graphics looks great. Thanks for being so quick and efficient!
    quote end
    Mary B.
  • quote start
    Hi Brian.....You guys are the epitome of efficiency! If only all my vendors were like you - I'd still have a full head of hair. Just received stickers, looks great. I will be in touch on the next orde...
    quote end
    Ariel B.
  • quote start
    Dean......I got the security labels. They're absolutely amazing, exactly what I was looking for! As soon as I start running low I'll be sure to email you for another roll. Thanks for everything and yo...
    quote end
    Bryan B.
  • quote start
    John, We received the custom security labels yesterday. Great customer service, pricing, processing and delivery -- you all are the best. Thank you.
    quote end
    Melissa K.
  • quote start
    Hi Dean, I got the security holograms and they're exactly what I was looking for -- they're perfect, thanks a ton. I'll email you when I'm running low and need more.
    quote end
    Bryson R.
  • quote start
    Hi Dean, I received the hologram labels today. AWESOME! You have a customer for life. Thanks so much!
    quote end
    Graeme B.
  • quote start
    Kathy, I just want to thank you so very much for expediting the production and shipment of the labels so that we could receive them in time for the end of our fiscal year. Your assistance and service ...
    quote end
    Ginny K.
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Questions? Need Help?