Re:  ISO-17712:2010 Certificate of Conformance for Bolt Seals

February 16, 2012

LidunHologram has independent lab testing results on file to verify that our bolt seals have passed the test protocol for ISO/PAS 17712:2010(E) for High Security Seals:

Lab Test Report -- December 14, 2011 by Dayton Brown

Applicable Product Codes:
* Stock: MS-B5Y, MS-B5B, MS-B5R
* Custom: MS-B5 series

The new ISO standard for bolt seals has 3 key components:
1) New construction standards
2) Structural Testing of the seals by a certified test lab.
3) Tamper evident methods and tests by a certified lab.

The new standard was intended to be effective on March 1, 2012, but the Department of Homeland Security has delayed the implementation. The new effective date has not been announced.

A) We certify that our MS-B5 series bolt seals meet the new construction standards, which includes:

A1. Minimum diameter: Paragraph 4.4.3: Meets Requirements
- minimum 18mm width of the bolt head and locking mechanism

B) We certify that our MS-B5 series bolt seals received a PASS on the structural testing on all criteria and is rated as a High Security Seal:

B1. Tensile Test (Paragraph 5.2): High Security Rating
B2. Sheer Test (Paragraph 5.3): High Security Rating
B3. Bending Test (Paragraph 5.4): High Security Rating
B4. Impact Test at Room Temperature (Paragraph 5.5): High Security Rating
B5. Impact Test at Reduced Temperature (Paragraph 5.5): High Security Rating

C) However, since the tamper evident testing methods of ISO 17712:2010 are not finalized, we cannot certify this portion of the standard. When the tamper evident testing specification is finalized, we will complete additional testing and update this certification as soon as possible.


Michael Messmer
VP, General Manager, LidunHologram
President, CGM-NV - a LidunHologram Company

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