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Custom Hologram Options & Pricing

For the customized imprint on stock holograms and security labels, our standard process is to print custom text, logos and serial numbers on the surface of the label using thermal transfer resin ribbons. The thermal inks are durable to mechanical abrasion, scratching and most liquids. However, thermal printed inks can be removed with certain solvents such as gasoline, alcohol, or lotions containing alcohol (hand lotions, sun screens, etc).

We provide free samples for testing prior to placing your order.

If you have more questions about pricing and options, you can speak with one of our knowledgeable sales representatives. For contact information, please visit the contact us page.

1. Custom Imprinting Options

B. Serial Numbers

Consecutive Serial Numbers

  • Large or small numbers
  • 10 character limit
  • Alpha or numeric characters
Label Size:
1 square inch & smaller

Add $.025/label
Label Size:
Larger than 1 square inch

Add $.05/label

Random Serial Numbers

Total Order Quantity
Label Size (1 square inch & smaller) Label Size (Larger than 1 square inch)
1 to 100,000 labels Add $100/order Add $100/order
100,001+ labels Add $250/order Add $250/order

Matching Serial Numbers

Matching label sets of 2 or more numbers. Available as matching sets or matching rolls.

Matching Sets
(One roll with sets of matching numbers)
Matching Rolls
(Two rolls, each with same set of serial numbers)

E. Standard One-Color Hologram Imprint

  • Black
  • Red (PMS 192C)
Graphic Imprint Standard One Color Imprint Label Size:
1 square inch & smaller

No Extra Charge
Label Size:
Larger than 1 square inch

No Extra Charge

F. Premium One-Color Hologram Imprint

  • Blue (PMS 286C)
  • Green (PMS GREEN C)
  • White
Premium One Color Imprint Premium One Color Imprint Label Size:
1 square inch & smaller

add $.03/label
Label Size:
Larger than 1 square inch

add $.06/label

G. Two-Color Hologram Imprint

Combination of any two standard colors (black, red, green, blue, white)

two color imprint two color imprint Label Size:
1 square inch & smaller

add $50/order + $.06/label
Label Size:
Larger than 1 square inch

add $50/order + $.12/label

H. Invisible Ink Imprint (UV Fluorescing Ink)

Invisible ink imprints are invisible in normal light but can be seen when viewed under a black light (fluoresces blue).

Type Of Imprint Label Size (1 square inch & smaller) Label Size (Larger than 1 square inch)
Text Only
add $50/order + $.06/label
add $50/order + $.09/label
Logo or Graphic
"Text Only" charges
+ $35 art prep
"Text Only" charges
+ $35 art prep
Serial Number

add $50/order + $.09/label

add $50/order + $.12/label
Text and Serial Number
add $50/order + $.09/label
add $50/order + $.12/label

2. RUSH SERVICE (for orders of 10,000 labels or less)

A. Availability

RUSH SERVICE may not be available at all times. Availablity is based on the production schedule at the time of request and manpower availability. There is limited availability for RUSH SERVICE on Laminated Labels & Parking Permits -- please call.

Published prices and availability are based on orders of 10,000 labels or less. A larger quantity order requires a higher RUSH fee and may require more time. Customers authorizing RUSH service are responsible for the full invoice amount and RUSH fee. Custom imprinted RUSH orders cannot be canceled or revised within 24 hours of the intended shipping time.

B. Pricing

RUSH ORDER service Pricing (orders less than 10,000 labels)
1 day* (Next Day) Add $100/order
2 days* Add $75/order
3 days* Add $50/order
4 days* Add $25/order

* Business Days

3. Switch Over & Version Change (using same layout)

Change Type Price for each change
Ribbon Color Change $25/color
Hologram Image (same size) $50/image
Text Change (same layout) $25/change

4. Custom Packaging

A. Labels in Rolls (Fewer than 1000 labels/roll)

Options Pricing
Labels without Serial Numbers Add $1.50/roll
Labels with Serial Numbers Add $2.00/roll

NOTE: Add special packaging for CUSTOM orders requiring fewer than 1000 labels/roll (Express Products Excluded)

B. Labels in Sheets

Sheet Size & Layout Label Size: 1 square inch or smaller*
Sheet size: 2" x 6"
Labels/sheet: 10 labels
Add $.01/label

NOTE: Please call for pricing on larger size labels (Express Products Excluded)

5. Clear Film Lamination

Although the customized imprint is durable for most applications, we also offer an optional clear film lamination to fully protect the custom imprint from all types of chemical exposure. Prices shown include custom text only. Add other options as detailed above on this page. RUSH service for laminated labels is subject to limited availability.

Hologram Image Sizes (Inches) Total Price Formula Ready to Ship
Silver Original Authentic
Circles: .55 DIA, .75 DIA, .95 DIA
Squares: .75, .95
Rectangles: .90 x .65, .50 x .60
Ovals: .75 x .375
$370/order + $.12/label
+ Other Option Prices
2 weeks
Silver Sweep
Silver Sunset
Other Silver Stock Images

$900/order + $.12/label
+ Other Option Prices

2-3 weeks
Other Hologram Images Other sizes Please call 2-3 weeks
Questions? Need Help?
Questions? Need Help?