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Barcode Mask Labels

Product Overview

Barcode Mask Label on ID Card CopyGuard Barcode Masks are hologram labels that protect your barcodes from being copied using a scanner or photocopier. They work for both black & white and color copies.

  • Control Access To Your Property
  • Combat Counterfeit Barcodes

After the barcode mask is applied on top of a barcode, the barcode reader is still able to read the underlying barcode. However, if the protected barcode is scanned or photocopied, the hologram creates optical interference, which makes the copied barcode unreadable.

CopyGuard is also a security label which shows tampering. If removed to expose the barcode, the CopyGuard label will self destruct leaving a pattern of dots in the film and on the surface.

Since the CopyGuard labels have a holographic effect, they also serve as an anuthentication feature.

The stock CopyGuard label is offered in one size: 1 inch x 2 inch. This label is offered in 2 configurations:

  1. Stock Bar Code Mask
  2. Custom Imprinted Bar Code Mask (text, logo and/or serial number)

Typical applications are to protect exposed barcodes on an employee ID badge or proximity card, which is used to control access.

Intended Use of Holograms

Our holograms are designed, tested, and intended for anti-counterfeiting, anti-tampering and promotional applications.

Our holographic products do NOT provide any documented health or medical benefits such as improved balance, sleep, pain-relief, weight loss, smoking cessation, etc.

Our holographic products do NOT provide any documented benefits to improve gas mileage, energy efficiency, cell phone reception, etc.

Our holographic products cannot be programmed to resonate at specific frequencies.

In our opinion, claims of medical benefits or improved machine performance are questionable and scientifically unsupported. Consumers should request an independent study (with blind testing) to verify any such claims and benefits.

We are not aware of any independent studies which validate such claims and benefits. Therefore, we will not intentionally produce holograms for these applications.

Stock Barcode Mask Labels

Apply the Barcode Mask over a pre-printed bar code to protect it from being copied.

Barcode Mask Label, Stock

Code: XTCM30-08RE

1) Stock Barcode Mask Label, Red, 1 in x 2 in, XTCM30-08RE

The stock barcode mask labels have no imprint. These labels ship same day if ordered by 2pm EST.

  • Pricing
  • Specifications
Bundle of 10 $10
Roll of 100 $50
Size: 1.0 inch x 2.0 inch
Configuration: Bundles/Rolls
Ready to Ship: Same Day (if ordered by 2pm EST)

Custom Imprinted Barcode Mask Labels

Barcode Mask Label, Custom

Code: TCM30-08RE

2) Barcode Mask Label, Red, 1 in x 2 in, TCM30-08RE

$0.50 per label + $270 setup / order

The custom imprinted barcode mask labels include custom text in black ink. There is no minimum order quantity.

  • Pricing
  • Specifications
Call for Pricing
Size: 1.0 inch x 2.0 inch
Configuration: Rolls
Ready to Ship: 2 weeks
Price Formula: $270 set up/order + $.50/label
Artwork Prep: Add $35 (one-time expense)
Serial Numbers: Add $.20/label
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Questions? Need Help?