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Pallet Wire Seals

Product Overview

Our pallet wire seals are another option for combating tampering and pilfering of palletized product. They are easy to use and are versatile for many containers.

To protect your palletized product, just thread a pallet wire seal under and around the pallet. Each seal is 200 inches long -- enough to go completely around a 48x48x48 inch pallet. A typical pallet requires a minimum of 2 wire seals.

We offer stock and custom versions.

Thieves typically remove the original banding, remove product, then replace the packing and banding.

Compared to pallet strapping, the pallet wire seals are a unique in appearance, which provides added security. Each seal features a unique serial number. For added security, record the serial numbers on the bill of lading.

A visual inspection protocol is essential to achieve the maximum effectiveness. The receiver verifies the seal serial numbers and looks for other signs of obvious tampering. Missing or spliced wire seals would also be a sign of tampering.

The lock on the seal is constructed of durable polycarbonate plastic, which is suitable for indoor or outdoor conditions. This is a one-time use product. You will need a wire cutter or scissors to remove the seal.

Stock Pallet Seals are available in white with unique serial numbers printed on the surface. They are available for immediate shipment.

Customized seals provide more security. We can include your custom text and serial numbers on the stock seal. Black is the only imprint color.

Or for a total custom product, we can also customize the seal color and/or provide a custom length.

If your pallet also uses conventional crimped strapping to secure the load, for added security use our pallet labels to secure the crimped seals on the strapping.

Installation Instructions

  1. Prior to affixing the pallet seal, prepare the pallet:

    • As needed to prevent pilfering of one carton from the pallet, use cardboard panels or wood panels on the sides, top and bottom. Other options include shrink wrap, stretch wrap, or a plastic bag.

    • As needed to prevent shifting loads, prepare the pallet with stretch wrap, banding, edge protectors and banding protectors.

  2. Tools Needed: Scissors or wire cutter

  3. Thread the wire under and around the pallet.

    TIP: Extend a rigid pole under the pallet (in the bottom cavity or between the floor boards). Tape the end of the wire to the pole. Retract the pole to pull the wire under the pallet.

  4. Visually confirm the hole in the locking mechanism is visible. If the hole is not visible, twist the tab until it is aligned and visible.

  5. Thread the wire into the hole. Pull the wire through the hole leaving less than 12 inches of slack in the loop. Use scissors or wire cutter to cut off any excess cable longer than 12 inches.

  6. Twist the tab to remove the slack and tighten the wire seal. The internal lock can accomodate a maximum of 12 inches of slack (and 12 inches of excess length).

  7. For added security, when the wire is snug break off the twist tab.

  8. Repeat as needed to install addtional seals. A typical pallet requires two seals. A tote or crate only requires 1 seal.

Stock Wire Seals

Cable Seal

Pallet Wire Seals, 0.7mm DIA x 200 in, White, Bag of 10,

Our Pallet Wire Seal has a 200 inch long wire. Each seal has a preassigned, unique serial number and bar code. Sold in bags of 10 seals.

  • Pricing
  • Specifications
Cable DIA & Length Price ($ / Seal) Product Code
Quantity (seals) 10 50 100 200 500 1000  
0.7mm x 200 inches
$1.80 $1.45 $1.30 $1.25 $1.20 call Code: MS-C0.7-200W
Cable Type: Adjustable Length
Material: Polycarbonate Plastic
Color: White
Size: 0.7mm DIA x 200 in
Wire Material: Galvanized steel
Stock Imprint: Bar Code + unique serial number
Imprint Color: Black
Packaging: Bags of 10 seals
Weight: 1 Bag of 10 Seals: ???
50 Bags of 10 Seals: ???

Custom Wire Seals

The stock wire seals can be provided with your custom text and serial numbers. Custom Logos are not available.

Cable Seal
Cable Seal

Custom Wire Seals, 0.7mm DIA x 200 in, White, MS-C0.7-200W-C

$1.50/seal + $100 setup/order

These stock cable seals come with pre-printed barcode/serial numbers on the front and can be customized with up to 2 lines of text on the back of the seal. Please call for other customizations (wire length, colored lock, etc).

Minimum Order: 1000 seals
Max Imprint: 2 lines with 10 characters/line
Ready to Ship: 2 to 3 weeks from Proof Approval

Typical Applications:

Pallet Wire Seals

Two wire seals on pallet

Pallet Wire Seals

One wire seal on plastic tote

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Questions? Need Help?