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SuperSaver Security Tape

Product Overview

Our SuperSaver tape is our most affordable tamper evident tape and it designed to show tamper evidence within 1 hour of application on the recommended surfaces.

SuperSaver tape features a high tack adhesive which will bond quickly to most surfaces.

When used with cartons made with high recycled content, this tape may tear the carton surface without tampering. For this type of carton we recommend our Full Adhesive Transfer Tapes.

Tamper Evident Security Tape provides a security seal for shipping cartons, pallets, wood crates, envelopes, bags and other containers.

Choosing Your Security Tape

Sealing Disposable Packaging or Reusable Container ?
When tampered, these security tapes transfer adhesive to the surface. For disposable packaging (such as shipping cartons) the amount of adhesive residue left on the surface is usually not an issue. However, if the container or surface will be re-used, cleaning up the adhesive residue will be more difficult and time consuming for tape with a high residue formula. See the "Ease of Clean Up" recommendations (see below) if the container is to be re-used.

Roll Length
Stock tapes are offered in lengths of 165, 180, and 250 feet. All roll lengths will fit a standard tape dispenser. Longer roll lengths save time because of fewer roll changes.

We also offer larger rolls for machine application -- up to 3000 feet in length. For custom tape, we can make any roll length. Please call if you have a special roll length requirement.

Multiple Security Features
As well as being tamper evident, some tapes include more security features, such as:

  • Printed Serial Numbers - A unique number improves security. Record the number as needed for added security.
  • Plain Tape - No obvious signs that the tape is tamper evident minimizes attention to a package during shipping.
  • Printed Instructions on the tape - Printing can serve as a deterrent to tampering.
  • Custom Printed Tape -- Customizations improve security.
  • Tape Width - Using 1 inch and 3 inch wide tapes make it easier to detect tampered cartons that are resealed with conventional 2 inch wide tape.

Maximum Compatibility
Unfortunately, one tape design is not suitable for all applications. However, we are confident that we have a security tape that meets your project requirements. We recommend testing tape samples in actual conditions before product is ordered. We offer free samples so you can test and verify the selected tape will meet your specific needs.

  • Standard Sizes - We have a large selection of 2 in wide tape, the most common size used on shipping cartons.
  • Perforated Tape - These security tapes are used as individual seals (or see our security labels for more options).
  • Surface Compatability - Our tape works on a wide range of surfaces based on our lab tests and customer feedback.

Quantity Discounts
We offer pricing discounts for higher quantity orders. For the best value, we recommend purchasing at least 1 year's supply. When stored properly, our tapes have a minimum 2 year shelf life.

Low Minimum Order Quantities for Custom Printed Tape
Custom printed tape offers more security. We offer custom printed tape in low order quantities -- beginning at only 40 rolls (2 inch x 180 feet). For smaller custom orders of tamper evident tape (1 to 39 rolls), please see our Security Tape on a Liner.

Fast and Friendly Customer Service
If you are unsure which tape best fits your needs, please send us an email or give us a call (see the contact info at the bottom of this page).

CCSF Applications

Features & Benefits


  • Hidden Message: OPENED VOID
  • No printing on tape -- more covert and less obvious that the tape has security features.
  • Adhesive Residue: When removed, about half of the adhesive transfers on the applied surface.


  • Protects your products and equipment
  • Controls access to shipping cartons, pallets, and other containers
  • Indicates tampering or pilfering

Troubleshooting Guide

If the tamper evident feature is not working to your satisfaction, please review the Troubleshooting Guide for suggestions, or give us a call.

1.) Stock SuperSaver Security Tape

Our stock supersaver security tapes are ready to ship the same day (must order by 2pm EST).

SuperSaver Security Tape, Red, 2 in x 164 ft, EST2R-36-164

tamper evident tape

Qty Price
1 $19.95 / roll
6 $18.25 / roll
12 $17.95 / roll
36 $14.95 / roll

Code: EST2R-36-164

  • Pricing
  • Specifications
Code Size Pricing per roll  
    1+ 6+ 12+ 36+  
EST2R-36-164 2 in x 164 ft Roll $19.95 $18.25 $17.95 $14.95
Recommended Surfaces:
  • Corrugated Cardboard (virgin and some recycled)
  • Clay Coated Paperboard (eg, FedEx Envelope)
  • Clay Coated Corrugated Box (eg, FedEx Box)
  • Metal -- Bare and Painted
  • Wood -- Painted
  • Envelopes - Synthetic Film
Fair to Good Performance Surfaces:
  • Recycled Corrugated Cardboard -- the tape may tear the paper fibers and not show the hidden tamper evident message (OPENED VOID)
  • Most Non-Porous, smooth Surfaces -- including some plastics
  • Powder Coated Paint
Non-Recommended Surfaces:
  • Corrugated Cartons with a Moisture Resistant Coating (wax, etc)
  • Plastics (low energy plastics, HDPE, etc)
  • Textured Surfaces
  • Bare Wood
  • Stretch wrap and Shrink Film
  • Finished surfaces -- When the tape is removed, the adhesive will fully transfer to the surface. This product is primarily recommended for disposable packaging.
Ease of Clean Up: Difficult (When the tape is removed, ALL of the adhesive will transfer to the surface, making the clean up very difficult)
Recommended Cleaners: Alcohol, Acetone
Size: 2 in x 164 ft
Case Quantity: 36 Rolls (27 lbs)
Case Size: 13 x 13 x 13 in
Film Material: Matte Polyester
Film Thickness: .001 inch thick
Color: Red (PMS 485)
Tape Edges: Not printed and not tamper evident (typically 1/16 inch) on both sides
Hidden Pattern: OPENED VOID
Core: 3 inch ID, compatible with most hand-held dispensers
Adhesive Residue Level: 100% -- All the adhesive transfers when removed; Only recommended for disposable packaging.
Minimum Application Temperature: +40F
Service Temperature Range: -40F to +150F

2.) Custom SuperSaver Security Tape

Custom Imprinted SuperSaver Security Tape

We offer custom imprinted security tape to meet your security and branding needs. Please call for more details and ordering information regarding custom imprinted security tape.

  • Minimum Order: 200 rolls (order quantity tolerance within 10%)
  • Allow 2 to 3 weeks for initial order
Ordering Info
Questions? Need Help?
Questions? Need Help?