Tamper Evident Security Tape

Tamper Evident Security Labels: Specifications & Intended Use

Intended Use:

Designed to seal most containers, files, envelopes, hatch doors, etc. Effective on most non-porous surfaces including bare metal, painted metal, fiberglass, painted wood, etc.

Plastic and textured surfaces may require special adhesives. See our Secure-Guard Plus labels.

When the label is removed, the ink and adhesive separates from the film and sticks to the carton. A hidden pattern (dot, words "OPENED" and/or "VOID") will appear in this residue. The hidden message may vary in font, size, text, and orientation.

If the activated label is reapplied, the hidden pattern of "OPENED VOID" words will appear through the film.

Silver metallic labels include a layer of aluminum under the adhesive. Since aluminum is conductive, these metallic labels may not be suitable for some electrical applications. In these cases, we recommend our non-metallic colors or transparent labels.

Test under end-use conditions to determine compatibility with your specific application

This is a single use item. Not recommended for any application where the adhesive may be ingested by humans or animals.

Shipping: Labels must not be exposed to temperatures over 100F (37C) during shipment or storage. Temperatures over 100F can damage the labels and shorten the shelf life. LidunHologram does not accept any responsibility for labels exposed to temperatures over 100F. Security labels shipped to desert or tropical climates includes temperature sensors to confirm the maximum temperature during shipping and storage.
Recommended Application:
  1. If needed, clean the application surface with 100% iso-propyl alcohol prior to affixing the label.
  2. Apply security label to the clean & dry surface at or above the recommended application temperature.


On the recommended surfaces at 70F, the tamper evident feature should be functional within 1 minute of application. Other surfaces or lower temperatures may require more curing time. If the tamper evident feature does not perform immediately, more curing time usually improves the performance of the tamper evident feature. For best results, allow 1 hour curing time after application.

To clean up the adhesive residue use 100% iso-propyl alcohol or a household adhesive remover (Goo-Gone, Orange-Sol, etc).

General Minimum Application Temperature: +40F (unless noted otherwise below)
General Service Temperature Range: -40F to +160F (unless noted otherwise below)

Storage Temperature: 40 to 100F
Storage Humidity: 20% to 60%
Minimum Shelf Life: 2 years



All Labels with "AA" suffix in
product code:

- S28 series
- Silver Seals (S05 and XS05 series)
- Colored Seals (STO series)
- Silver & White Seals (STV series)
- TamperStrips®

Film Material: Polyester, .002 inch thick
Adhesive Material: Aggressive Adhesive, Solvent Permanent Acrylic, clear, typical .001 inch thick
Minimum Application Temperature: +10F
Service Temperature Range: -40F to +200F
Outdoor Use: Yes, minimum 1 year life
Imprint: Resin Ribbon Printed on Surface


(XS05-55AA & S05-55AA)
TamperStrips Specifications
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Questions? Need Help?